Tri-media Promotions

You can choose among different media options on our list that includes PRINT, TELEVISION and Broadcast Contacts for interviews and ad placements.

Television Interview with Preach the World Worldwide Network

Market by market, PTWWN is promoting “The Kingdom Takeover Campaign”. This campaign is to connect with pastors in different markets to help them produce Christian programming on secular channels so that those who are not exposed to, or watch “Christian Television” can hear the gospel news. Their programming includes traditional preaching, but also inspirational talk shows, independent movies, minis series and variety television to reach all walks of people in the Christian and secular television world.

Preach The World Worldwide Network TV (PTWWN TV) produces and broadcasts original and dynamic Christian television programs to bring restoration, healing, and inspiration throughout the world. It is a Christian Television Network connecting to the world with new faces and anointings.

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