Al Cole is among broadcasting’s most distinguished interviewers and an interview in his nationally recognized show “People of Distinction” can be quite a big deal for you. The show broadcasts on Apple’s iTunes Radio network which features BBC, Fox News, CBS Radio and C-Span. Al has been branded as America’s #1 Broadcast voice after featuring at least 2,000 Guests on Apple.

Al Cole is a Veteran Broadcaster from CBS Radio and is one of the most gifted and successful broadcasters in talk with his nationally syndicated show People of Distinction. Al’s shows air with CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, C-Span & BBC shows on Apple Inc’s professional iTunes Radio Network. People of Distinction’s Unique Brand: Professional & even non-professional Life Experts offering valuable, authentic talk to help elevate our Human Family!

Al’s People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards (PDHA): Groundbreaking national awards events honoring inspirational Unsung Heroes in our world. Al’s dynamic events have become a favorite in New York City and on Capitol Hill to members of the US Congress.  Al Cole’s People of Distinction Broadcasting Network aired through Apple’s iTunes Radio Network gives visibility to other inspirational talk show hosts including world-class actress Dee Wallace, star of Steven Spielberg’s movie classic “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial”.

Al Cole’s Served Professionals from Random House, Simon & Schuster, Finn Partners (one of the most prestigious PR Firms in NY, LA & DC), Guttman PR (Jay Leno & Jane Seymour), Emory University in Atlanta (“The Harvard University of the South”) & many other prominent national establishments.

By: Michael Louis Kuk, Author

Military history continues to evolve and grow. Every conflict that had American troops on the ground is full of historical notice and activity, and the Vietnam War is no exception.

Chief Michael L. Kuk’s writing tells of the time that he spent in Vietnam with the U.S. Army as a combat firefighter. This work encompasses what a very small detail of soldier-fighters did while they were stationed there in support of the overall war effort. It wasn’t a glamourous war-hero position. But it required bravery and encouragement to face and overcome other hazards the could present. A misstep would result in serious injury and/or death if these soldier-firefighters did not perform to the highest standard so required.

Testimonial About Al

“Al, I had no idea my interview on your show would be so deep and wonderful. We talk about having ‘It’ in the entertainment world. Well, Al, you’ve got IT!”
Executive Producer of NBC’s “DAYS OF OUR LIVES”:
“Al, the way that you enchant people with your breath-taking national shows and with your beautiful, hypnotic voice: YOU could bewitch Congress more than any US President has ever done with his annual State of the Union Address! In other words, with your natural human genius, you could become the greatest US President who ever was!”
Professor of Medicine, Emory University & Script Writer of the MICHAEL J. FOX blockbuster “Doc Hollywood”
“Al Cole from CBS Radio, host of the syndicated talk show “People of Distinction”, is one of my favorites and the best talk show host in the country. He’s interviewed many of my clients. I just love his voice which I know makes him one of the best Voice-Over & Communications Artists out there!”
Associate, DEVRA ANN JACOBS: CEO of Dancing Word Group
“Wow Al, you’ve got a great voice!“
Former Anchor of The CBS MORNING NEWS & one of the most successful Voice Artists ever

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