Limelight publishes books through multiple publishing options from print to electronic. Read more to learn about the endless possibilities you can capture with Limelight Press & Media.


Limelight understands that while technology has taken over the world, nothing beats a printed copy of your book, a tangible legacy of stories you can share by flipping through the opaque pages of your ideas captured in ink.

Do you want a hard-bound or soft-bound book with a mesmerizing graphic cover? Share your vision of a book to us and we can make it a reality.


We create an exciting collection of Audiobooks, E-books, and Video books in every genre. These platforms provide different opportunities to sell your work by maximizing the algorithms for avid consumers of the web.


If you cannot get your audience’s attention visually, a professionally narrated Audiobook is always a great alternative. Audiobooks provide the perfect convenience for your audience because they can listen to your stories while occupied with something else. It’s also the ideal format for your visually challenged audience to explore your stories by listening to the words. And if your audience doesn’t have enough time to sit down and read your work, you can reach them through your audio recordings.

These days, if you want to reach out to as wide an audience as possible, you not only need to create a comprehensive marketing campaign, but you must also adapt to their reading preferences too.

Want more tech-savvy readers? Make your book available as an e-book. Thinking of targeting bibliophiles who prefer sturdier formats? Go for hardcover or leatherbound. Reaching out to on-the-go booklovers? The solution: Audiobook.

Widen your readership base by tapping into the audiobook market with a professionally narrated audio version of your book.

Readers have spoken—and we have listened. These days, they prefer books in a format that will easily fit their busy lifestyle. Therefore, Limelight Press & Media offers you a solution that allows you to tap into your readers’ multitasking ways: audiobooks. Now they can “read” your book while they commute, work out, or even as they do their chores.


In a digitally growing world where technology is on the go, an electronic book, or eBook, is a great way to step up your game. An eBook is a perfect avenue for readers to have the most convenient access possible to a book.

Digitally publish your book with Limelight Press & Media and make your work available across major online bookstore resellers such as Amazon, Book Depository, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble,, eBay and other 38,000 online retailers and resellers.

Video Book

Book Video provides your audience with a glimpse of the world you have created on screen. It enables you to reveal a trailer of your book’s plot depending on your choice. Be part of the visual spectacle and use creative media to share your work with the world.

Let your readers see your words come alive through motion graphics specially created for your work. The Book Video Creation service will help you reach out to readers with a book trailer video that will surely generate great interest in your book.

Limelight Press and Media is home to a host of services and marketing opportunities that enables you to choose the best option for your venture – from proofreading, covers, design, ebook filing, printing, distribution and marketing.